Who we ARE


Ignite Inspire Educate. At Alaska Resource Education we believe these three words are the key to bringing Alaska's resources out of the ground and into the classroom.

Founded in 1982, we are a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit whose mission is to teach students about Alaska's natural resources. Based in Anchorage with a statewide reach, Alaska Resource Education (ARE) has developed a custom curriculum, a teacher training course, hands-on activities, youth programs, and our "Alaska Resource Kit" so that our students - and teachers - have the basic materials, lessons and information they need for an educated, thoughtful, investigation of Alaska's resource industries and their contribution to the birth, growth and modernization of the State of Alaska.

An Alaska-specific Curriculum
partnership between the Alaska Department of Education and private industry, we provide STEM-focused education programs that take science principles as they relate to natural resources and make them Alaska-specific. Our curriculum is a collection of K-8 (adaptable 9-12) science-based lessons on mineral, energy and forestry resources to which the state science standards have been applied. Our curriculum is distributed and taught through our course, kit, and other programs.