Sustaining Partners


Inventor $15,000 +

Inventors are the strategic partners of ARE’s biggest ideas and most ambitious projects. Inventors collaborate with ARE to tackle new projects, expand our audiences, and create an organization that is a leader in resource education for Alaska’s students and teachers.



Innovator $10,000 +

Innovators are the catalysts of ARE’s programming and day-to-day operations. With their support for improvements and change, Innovators push the boundaries to ensure that our programs grow each year. They allow us to deliver on our mission and provide the energy to make things happen and bring ideas to execution.


Inspirer $5,000 +

Inspirers give Alaska Resource Education the opportunity to inspire students about the resources in their backyards. Inspirers enable us to go beyond simple outreach and foster relationships with teachers to bring our curriculum to students over and over again.




Igniter $1,000 +

Igniters spark the interest in Alaska Resource Education. Grounded on the belief that a single spark can ignite an interest in a young mind, Igniters assist ARE to initiate the first step in reaching students. Either through Alaska Resource Kits or classroom visits, Igniters allow ARE to strike an interest in the minds of students about the resources that surround them.









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