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Resource Education: Out of the Ground and Into the Classroom

Ignite, Inspire, Educate.

Alaska Resource Education believes that these three words are the key to bringing Alaska's resources out of the ground and into the classroom. Since 1982, this small but powerful nonprofit organization has been igniting young minds and inspiring students and teachers about the importance of resources in their everyday lives. ARE’s mission is to teach students about Alaska’s natural resources, and they are committed to the belief that we need to reach students often and early.

Rock & Roll around Alaska Course

Are you a science educator who wants to learn some alternative and hands-on ways to make your lessons Alaska-specific?

Are you a teacher who is new to science or are you an experienced science teacher who simply wants to find ways to make your classroom curriculum more STEM-integrated?

Have you requested one of our "Alaska Resource Kits" or inherited one and are now wondering how to use it?