Youth Programs

Alaska Resource Education proudly presents their two original youth programs:


Each year, Alaska Resource Education (ARE) brings groups of students to the Alaska Miners Association and Resource Development Council's conventions. Both programs engage students in one-day field trips, presenting mineral and energy issues and topics relevant to Alaska through contact with industry professionals.

Students learn the historical and economic impact of minerals and energy in their daily lives through preparatory work in the classroom and then get to spend a field trip day interviewing and learning from professionals in various industries about career opportunities within Alaska.

ARE has worked with the Anchorage School to Business Partnership for these programs, and received the Star Award in our first year of participation!

Check out the videos below!



Alaska Resource Education's

Energy Einsteins

"A Search for Energy" 




Alaska Resource Education's

Monor Miners

"What Everyday Minerals Mean to Me" 

Watch our Minor Miners at a recent AMA Conference explain what minerals mean to them!