Rock & Roll around Alaska Course

Are you a science educator who wants to learn some alternative and hands-on ways to make your lessons Alaska-specific?

Are you a teacher who is new to science or are you an experienced science teacher who simply wants to find ways to make your classroom curriculum more STEM-integrated?

Have you requested one of our "Alaska Resource Kits" or inherited one and are now wondering how to use it?

ARE's "Rock & Roll Around Alaska” course is a great way to boost your classroom activities and increase your professional development!

"Rock & Roll Around Alaska" is our seminal outreach program that teaches educators how to implement our curriculum in their classroom. Certified through the University of Alaska as a 500-level course granting 1 CEU, "Rock & Roll Around Alaska" brings together current and hands-on mineral, energy and forest resource educational materials to classrooms throughout the state, inspiring teachers through scientific and career-centered activities.

About Our Course

ARE’s curriculum is straightforward, in-depth, hands-on, and relevant, making it easly implemented and applicable for classrooms. The current Alaska science standards have been applied to the lessons which are organized in various ways for the greatest ease of use on our website (visit our "curriculum" link!) Teachers are also supplied with our “Alaska Resource Kit”, containing supplemental materials and more ideas for enhancing the curriculum and making science education tactile as well as visual and auditory. The course takes these materials and not only shows teachers how to use them and innovate with them in the classroom, but provides a solid context and background for introducing resources in Alaska to their students. An industry professional gives a guest lecture at each course, and most courses include an industry site visit. Teachers have been to locations as varied as Red Dog Mine, Municipal Light & Power, and Juneau Hydropower!

A.R.E. Teachers on the North Slope from Alaska Resource Education on Vimeo.



You will learn to teach the curriculum by learning through a select number of lessons in the course, from the elementary “Jelly Belly Geology” that teaches rock identification, to the highly adaptable “Mine a Pie,” a very hands-on activity that teaches the basics of exploration, permitting, excavation and reclamation. Some lessons are even more advanced, such as “Whose Forest” which uses a fictional community as a platform to debate the pros and cons of different forest policy decisions.  Through discussions generated by these varied lessons, teachers not only learn their adaptability among age groups and how to make science concepts straightforward and understandable, but are able to work through the complex questions and subjects around resources, industry, economy, and how to approach these topics in the classroom.
ARE works closely with the University of Alaska and school district officials to set up each course and ensure its usefulness and benefits to educators in their classrooms and in their professional development. Teachers who complete the course receive one 500-level graduate credit from the University of Alaska, which may qualify for teacher recertification.

Interested? Check out the video below or download our flyer! You can also email and check for availability in your region!