Our Programs

At Alaska Resource Education(ARE), it is our mission to teach students about Alaska’s natural resources. It is on this foundation that we have built an array of programming designed specifically to cater to educators and their students.

Alaska Department of Education and Early Childhood DevelopmentSupported jointly by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and private industry here in the state, Alaska Resource Education plays an important role in enabling future generations to understand the importance of natural resources in their daily lives and specifically their role in Alaska. As such, Ignite, Inspire, and Educate. Through our interdisciplinary lessons, we ignite an interest in science among students, inspire them to learn more about the fascinating world of resources that exists here in their state, and educate them through an informed and thoughtful investigation of Alaska's natural resources.

At Alaska Resource Education (ARE) we approach science and learning through a holistic perspective – one that crosses disciplines, encompasses tactile, auditory as well as visual learning, and makes science principles accessible and relevant to students’ daily lives, their own backyards, and their future careers. It is our goal to affect the future of Alaska through today’s students – who will become tomorrow’s workforce.

The cornerstone of ARE’s programming is our custom resource curriculum, a collection of K-8 (adaptable 9-12) lessons on mineral, energy and forestry resources. These lessons have been organized by module, grade level, and the Alaska State GLE's (Grade Level Equivalents). Most recently, we have applied the national Common Core requirements (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening) in order to further integrate science learning with ELA skills in our 23 most popular lessons. From this curriculum, ARE has developed a teacher training course – Rock & Roll Around Alaska – hands-on activities, youth programs, and our “Alaska Resource Kit”.

Rock & Roll Around Alaska

Rock and Roll Around Alaska CourseOur continuing education course, called Rock & Roll Around Alaska, was designed to teach educators how to implement Alaska-specific science and give them access to resources they might not otherwise receive through their school districts. Certified as a graduate credit with the University of Alaska statewide and applicable for recertification requirements, Rock & Roll educates teachers about the use of our curriculum in the classroom, provides them with tools and ideas for teaching about resources, and often includes an industry site visit.To learn more about our course, click here.

The Alaska Resource Kit

Distributed in every region of Alaska, our Alaska Resource Kit has been around for over twenty years. The Alaska Resource Kit contains over $400 worth of materials on energy, mineral and forestry resources here in the state. Our “box of rocks” is the signature item in the kit, containing 40 rocks and minerals found within the state of Alaska. The kit also contains books, maps, CDs, and other items to help teachers give their students an interactive way to learn about minerals, energy, and f orestry.

Youth Programs

ARE is also involved in several youth programs that stretch across the state. ARE’s two original programs, Energy Einsteins and Minor Miners, have experienced long-term success within the Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks school districts.  Both programs engage students in one-day field trips, presenting mineral and energy issues and topics relevant to Alaska through contact with industry professionals. Students learn the historical and economic impact of minerals and energy in their daily lives through preparatory work in the classroom, and then get to spend a field trip day interviewing and learning from professionals in various industries about career opportunities and the possibilities within Alaska. ARE has worked with the Anchorage School to Business Partnership for these programs, and received the Star Award in our first year of participation! Click here to learn more about our youth programs and see our kids in action!

ARE is also a long-time participant in the Girl Scouts Women of Science days throughout the state, and has recently developed their own patches. Click here to learn more!

Classroom Visits

Alaska Resource Education also is active in the classroom! Our Education Program Manager visits classrooms when possible and teaches our lessons that are relevant to the teacher’s current subject or unit of study.

Interested in any of ARE’s programs or would you like to learn more information about us? Click on the links above to the particular program, or send an email to kits@akresource.org!