Alaska Resource Education provides educational materials, in the form of Alaska Resource Kits, to Alaskan educators free of charge. The kits contain nearly $400 worth of materials to help provide students and teachers with balanced information about Alaska’s rich heritage with mineral, energy, and forest resources.

Teachers with Resource KitsThe kits have been accepted in all of Alaska’s 53 school districts and demand continues to grow. Over 200 kits are distributed each year and over 1,500 Alaskan educators currently use the kit’s materials.

Alaska teachers and industry scientists continually revise and update the kits to keep them current. The kits are so flexible they are used in classrooms from kindergarten through high school for science, math, social studies, Alaska studies and other subjects. Recently, Alaska Resource Education has incorporated the newly approved Alaska Science standards into its curriculum.

What all comes in a Resource Kit?

Kit materials include samples of oil, minerals, and rocks indigenous to Alaska, videos, an interactive CD, posters, maps, reference books, and hundreds of lesson plans and learning activities. For a complete list of everything that comes in a Resource kit, click here.

Ready to request your Resource Kit?

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Interested in taking a look inside the Alaska Resource Kit? All the classroom activities are available to download as PDF and Doc files - click here to browse projects inside the E-Curriculum.