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Energy Savers PDF Version  
Learn about saving money and energy by adding and subtracting.

Piles of Pictures PDF Version

Categorize pictures of moving objects according to their source of motion.




Energy Detective PDF Version
Look for energy by collecting "energy evidence" and then creating a definition of energy. 

Energy on the Move PDF Version
Research one of three energy transportation projects in Alaska and share findings through bulletin board displays or notebooks.

Renew a Bean PDF Version

Beans represent renewable and nonrenewable energy to explain how, over several years, nonrenewable resources will be depleted.


3-5 Data collection worksheet

Finding Oil is a Piece of Cake PDF Version

Simulate oil exploration by buying leases, developing plans and drilling into a layer cake or cupcake. Calculate profits during a math activity. 


K-2 Matching worksheet
K-2 Core sample worksheet

3-5 Cost analysis

6-12 Cost analysis (with taxes)




Fossil Fuel Hunt PDF Version
Use web and written resources to answer 10 questions about fossil fuels, followed by a class discussion and a tasty opportunity to find oil in a cupcake.

The Sun's Energy PDF Version 

Read, discuss, play a game and make a concept map to demonstrate how most of our energy comes from the sun.

Modifications & Additions:

Concept Mapping worksheet
Energy source and type cards

Energy Chain Game word list

Sun's Energy PowerPoint (short)

Sun's Energy PowerPoint (long)


Additional activities & resources

Design a Derrick PDF Version
*Draft* Learn about the structure that supports the drill rig during oil development and put your engineering skills to the test by building your own derrick structure.

The Separation Game PDF Version
*Draft* Determine the most efficient way to separate and transport your oil well products from site to the refinery without an environmental spill!

Wild Wind PDF Version
*Draft* Construct a pinwheel to demonstrate a model of a working wind machine.

Wind Can Do Work PDF Version
NEED Project

Discover how windmills do mechanical work by constructing your own and testing how many weights it can lift.

Which Blades are Best? PDF Version
WindWise/KidWind Project

Learn through experimentation how different blade designs are more efficient at harnessing the energy of the wind.

Solar Scavenger Hunt PDF Version
REcharge Labs/KidWind Project

Explore how solar panels work through experimentation and a scavenger hunt.

Solar Fountains PDF Version
REcharge Labs/KidWind Project

Design and construct small fountains that are powered by solar PV.

Human Solar Panel PDF Version
Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Act out the parts of a solar panel to discover how they turn sunlight into electricity in this fun, interactive game!

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