Grades 3-5



Fossil Fuel Hunt PDF Version
Use web and written resources to answer 10 questions about fossil fuels, followed by a class discussion and a tasty opportunity to find oil in a cupcake.



Every Tree for Itself PDF Version
Simulate how trees compete for their essential needs. 


Trees, a Renewable Resource PDF Version 
Simulate consumption, recycling, renewal and conservation of wood products using lima beans. 


The Sun's Energy PDF Version 

Read, discuss, play a game and make a concept map to demonstrate how most of our energy comes from the sun.

Finding Oil is a Piece of Cake PDF Version

Simulate oil exploration by buying leases, developing plans, "drilling" a layer cake, and using samples to draw cross sections. Learn about unitization and calculate profits during a math activity. 



Jelly Belly Geology & Rock Identification PDF Version

Learn how to identify and classify rocks and minerals by the makeup of their properties and how we use them everyday.

Rock Game PDF Version
Teams try to identify rocks being described by teammates using new and common terminology.

Make Your Own Rock PDF Version

Explore what makes up rocks using fun ingredients, including some you can eat!

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