Grades 6-8



Energy Detective PDF Version
Look for energy by collecting "energy evidence" and then creating a definition of energy. 


Energy on the Move PDF Version
Research one of three energy transportation projects in Alaska and share findings through bulletin board displays or notebooks. 


Renew a Bean PDF Version

Beans represent renewable and nonrenewable energy to explain how, over several years, nonrenewable resources will be depleted.


Finding Oil is a Piece of Cake PDF Version

Dig into what exploration is like by buying leases, developing plans and drilling into a layer cake.  



Effects of the Nonliving Environment PDF Version 
Set up and conduct experiments to determine how aspects of the nonliving environment affect plant growth. 


String Lined Decisions PDF Version  
Teams make and map forest management decisions.




Mine a Pie PDF Version 
Mine a plot of "land" and determine a profit or loss based on the choices. 


Pick a Permit PDF Version

Find basic information about a variety of permits required for mining and simulate agencies devising rules and regulations for commercial use of a school resource. 

Recycling Metals PDF Version
Students conduct a study of metal recycling in their community and create a new or improved plan for recycling or a public awareness campaign. 


Solving the Challenges of Mining PDF Version 
Learn about new mining projects proposed for Alaska and research to propose solutions to a challenge related to one of the proposed mines. 

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