ARE At Home 


Here are activities for all ages that you can easily do at home. Use jelly beans to learn geology or mine for gold in a cookie, our lessons and activities are adaptable for all age groups. Check out our shopping list below and watch the how-to videos to do the lessons at home on your own time.

We are also allowing teachers or groups to set up distance delivery classroom visits and specialized lessons for them, click below to request a virtual classroom visit.

Renew A Bean



Mineral & Electricity Scavenger Hunts

Mineral Hunt

Worksheet (no worksheet for Electricity)


Energy from the Sun (Grades 4 - 8)


Video Coming Soon


Lessons from LEGOs (Grades 4 - 8)

No worksheet needed

Video Coming Soon

Designing A Derrick



Jelly Belly Geology 





Video Coming Soon



No worksheet needed


Shopping List

Lessons from LEGOs

  • Small set of LEGO or other building materials (blocks, etc.)

  • Paper and pencil

Energy from the Sun

  • Paper and pencil/other drawing tools

Jelly Belly Geology​

  • Bag of different colored jelly beans (ARE can provide)

  • Worksheet

Design a Derrick

  • Large marshmallows (around 10 or more per child/group)

  • Uncooked spaghetti (15 or more per child/group, ARE can provide)

  • Paper plates

  • Poker chips or some other 'weight' you have a lo of to test strength

  • Worksheet


  • Small serving of:

    • Chocolate milk

    • Chocolate syrup

    • Chocolate bar

  • Dixie cups (at least enough for each child)

  • 3 plates

  • Clear straws, cut in half (one half per child)


  • Cookie (1 per child/group)

  • Toothpicks (2 or more per child/group)

  • Paper plates

  • Worksheet

  • Optional:

    • Frosting

    • Sprinkles

    • Forks

    • Spoons

Electricity Scavenger Hunt​

  • Paper

  • Writing utensils

Mineral Scavenger Hunt​

  • Writing utensils

  • Worksheet


Renew A Bean

  • 2 items of similar size and shape, but two different colors

    • 100 of one of the items

    • 11 of the other

    • For example, 100 black beans and 11 black eyed peas