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Rocks & Minerals



Paste With a Taste PDF Version  
Make toothpaste from minerals.

Rock Hunt PDF Version

Collect, describe and sort rocks. 



Jelly Belly Geology & Rock Identification PDF Version

Learn how to identify and classify rocks and minerals by the makeup of their properties and how we use them everyday.


K-1 JBG Key

2-3 JBG Key

K-2 Rock ID Key

Rock Game PDF Version
Teams try to identify rocks being described by teammates using new and common terminology.


Updated Rock Game form

K-2 'My Rock' worksheet

Make Your Own Rock PDF Version

Explore what makes up rocks using fun ingredients, including some you can eat!



*Draft* Mineral Detectives PDF Version Answer key Students will learn about the process of mineralogy and identifying minerals by performing a variety of tests and collecting data.


Mineral Detective dichotomous key

*Draft* Birdseed Mining PDF Version Students will go "mining" in a container of birdseed with hidden beads, representing minerals of different values. They must make decisions about equipment, extraction, and reclamation techniques!

Mine a Pie PDF Version 
Mine a plot of "land" and determine a profit or loss based on the choices. 


K-2 Mine-a-cookie matching worksheet
3-5 Mine-a-cookie profit analysis

6-12 Mine-a-cookie profit analysis

6-12 profit analysis with taxes

Pick a Permit PDF Version

Find basic information about a variety of permits required for mining and simulate agencies devising rules and regulations for commercial use of a school resource. 

Recycling Metals PDF Version
Students conduct a study of metal recycling in their community and create a new or improved plan for recycling or a public awareness campaign. 


Solving the Challenges of Mining PDF Version 
Learn about new mining projects proposed for Alaska and research to propose solutions to a challenge related to one of the proposed mines. 

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