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Our Alaska


The story of Alaska's mineral & energy resources
9-12 curriculum 

From oil and natural gas to silver and gold, Alaska’s resources are bountiful. Want to know more? Our GIS site has everything you need to know about resource development in Alaska. Learn all about the major players, resources available and career opportunities. Get an insider look with photos and videos. 


Students can explore the history, geography, process, economics, health, safety, environment and careers in Alaska’s energy and mining industries. This online resource portal combined with the associated curriculum will allow teachers to bring a wide range of guest speakers into their classroom without the hassle of having to schedule them!


The curriculum is designed to be 9 weeks long, but can be adapted to fit any classroom. Each unit can be stand alone, or be combined together for a deep dive into two of the main resource industries in Alaska.


If you are a teacher interested in using the curriculum that coincides with the online portal in conjunction with live sessions from Alaska Resource Education staff, please reach out to Beki at

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