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Oil & Gas in Alaska

Students will learn about the process of oil and gas exploration and extraction, where this happens in Alaska, what we use oil for, and how it impacts Alaska’s economy.

Fossil Fuel Hunt

Use web and written resources to answer 10 questions about fossil fuels, followed by a class discussion and a tasty opportunity to find oil in a cupcake.

Viscosity Lab

Learn about the physical properties of oil that impact flow and oil production in Alaska.

Design a Derrick

Learn about the structure that supports the drill rig during oil development and put your engineering skills to the test by building your own derrick structure.

Finding Oil is a Piece of Cake

Simulate oil exploration by buying leases, developing plans and drilling into a layer cake or cupcake. Calculate profits during a math activity

The Separation Game

Determine the most efficient way to separate and transport your oil well products from site to the refinery without an environmental spill!

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