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Is your kid interested in the sciences? Fuel their enthusiasm for Alaska’s resources with ARE’s STEM-based lessons. Enjoy time together with fun, hands-on activities meant to engage and educate your future scientist, truck driver, geologist, welder or engineer. 


There are activities for all ages. Use minerals to make toothpaste or drill for oil in a cupcake, ARE explains resources in a fun and practical way to younger students. And for older students, ARE’s curriculum and youth programs help them explore potential career fields.

Lessons & Activities

Have fun while learning with fun hands-on activities


ARE partners with several organizations to provide scholarship money and opportunities for students. 


Alaska Resource Education is on a mission to empower Alaskan girls to become the next generation of women leaders


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Girl Scouts

The Natural Resource Path Patch Series is designed to help Alaska’s girl scouts learn more about their state’s resources and industries. 

STEM Camps

Fun, interactive lessons with hands-on activities and virtual games to teach rural students about Alaska's energy and natural resources.

Wind Turbines
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