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Catherine Walker

Alaska Resource Education has been an invaluable resource over the past few years. Their lessons have increased my student’s understanding of Alaska's natural resources including the ethical decision-making that takes place when extracting and utilizing resources. ARE teaches hands-on lessons involving solar panels and wind turbines. They collaborated with my students to come up with activities to simulate carbon sequestration. We find their lessons to be unbiased and focused on the pros and cons of each method, as well as the long-term impacts of utilizing Alaska's natural resources. Our community needs collaborators like ARE in order to showcase our many valuable career options and to ensure our students become scientifically literate decision-makers that improve their communities.


- Catherine Walker, NBCT

  Dimond High Oceanography/Marine Biology, Unmanned Aviation    Science, and PLTW Engineering Essentials

ARE’s class changed my life and showed me that life is so much more than the straightforward path we are taught in school every day. My experience with ARE has shown me that life is full of possibilities and that it is okay and completely expected to not know what the rest of your life looks like.

-  Taylor Stewart

   11th grade

   Service High School

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Conrad Woodhead.png

Our partnership with Alaska Resource Education has led to incredible STEM-based learning opportunities that ultimately, teach our students about the many careers in our State's environmental resources.  The passion and callbir of the instruction provided by the staff of ARE, all of which have vast industry, teaching, and Alaska experience, helps them connect with our students in a way that is not easily replicated.  They are patient, operate through a cultural lens, and help advocate on behalf of our program with other potential partnerships, which can lead to several post-secondary training programs and careers.  Our program would not be as strong without our relationship with ARE.



- Conrad Woodhead

  LYSD CTE and Residential Director, Kusilvak Career Academy

I thought it was going to be a lecture. I thought I was going to have to bring fidgets all the time because I have really bad ADHD. But [ARE] kept us busy with activities and stuff. So it was really fun to be able to stay hands-on because that's how it helps me learn.


- Sentha Wright

  11th grade

  Service High School

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Melinda Moore.jpeg

Alaska Resource Education provides students with the opportunity to touch, see, and apply natural resources to real-life applications. My favorite is when students design and construct solar-powered boats and race them in a kiddie pool. Amazing, engaging, and educational!


- Melinda Moore

  Service High School, ProStart/Culinary Arts Teacher, Internship Supervisor, FCCLA Advisor, FCCLA State Advisor, ACTE/ProStart TOTY

ARE's presentations with hands-on activities are a well-crafted mix of science content, fun activity and introduction to career exploration. Students love the presenters, and the offerings are constantly evolving with new topics relevant to Alaskan students.


- Lorraine Campbell

  M. Ed, Retired Science Teacher South Anchorage High School

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