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Rock & Roll Around Alaska


Rock & Roll Around Alaska is ARE’s seminal outreach program that teaches educators how to implement our curriculum in the classroom. The course is certified through the University of Alaska as a 500-level course granting 1 CEU. The course will give you the tools to inspire through scientific and career-centered activities.


The course is designed to be easily implemented and applicable for classrooms, and Alaska’s current science standards have been applied to the lessons. Your copy of the Alaska Resource Kit contains supplemental materials and more ideas enhancing the curriculum.


Not only will the course show teachers how to use ARE’s curriculum but it provides context and background for introducing the importance of resources in Alaska to students. An industry professional gives a guest lecture at each course and most include a site visit. Teachers have visited locations like Red Dog Mine, Municipal Light & Power and Juneau Hydropower.   

*NEW* Sustainable Resource Systems


Today, sustainability is on everybody's mind. With the growing demand for green technology, renewable energy, and electrification comes the difficult reality of understanding where the raw materials come from to make it all happen. In many people's minds, there is a major dichotomy between things like wind turbines or solar panels and resource development - but the truth is, they are inextricably linked. Alaska, with it's bountiful resources and innovative and pioneering spirit, will play a critical role in creating a cleaner, more sustainable future.

In this class, we will discuss all of the above and provide a framework for teaching these topics in the classroom with fun, hands-on learning! While you would benefit from first taking our Rock and Roll Around Alaska course, it is not a prerequisite. The course is certified through the University of Alaska as a 500-level course granting 1 CEU.

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