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Renewable Energy in Alaska

Students will learn about the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy, what sources of renewable energy we have in Alaska, and what benefits and potential drawbacks these sources provide.

Renew a Bean

Beans represent renewable and nonrenewable energy to explain how, over several years, nonrenewable resources will be depleted.

Wind Can Do Work

Discover how windmills do mechanical work by constructing your own and testing how many weights it can lift.

Activity courtesy of: 

NEED Project


Wind Can Do Work Modified

Which Blades are Best?

Learn through experimentation how different blade designs are more efficient at harnessing the energy of the wind.

Activity courtesy of: 

WindWise Education



Human Solar Panel 

Act out the parts of a solar panel to discover how they turn sunlight into electricity in this fun, interactive game!

Activity courtesy of: 

Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Solar Scavenger Hunt

Explore how solar panels work through experimentation and a scavenger hunt.

Activity courtesy of: 

Recharge Labs/KidWind

Solar Fountains

Design and construct small fountains that are powered by solar PV.

Activity courtesy of: 

Recharge Labs/KidWind

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