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Youth Programs​


ARE’s learning opportunities for students extend beyond the classroom. Every year we bring a group of Minor Miners, Energy Einsteins and Resource Super Force students to the annual Alaska Miners Association and Resource Development Council conventions. These events engage students with industry professionals and give them insight into career opportunities.


These face-to-face conversations with the biggest players in the industry allow students to ask questions, network and learn what it takes to be successful. Students leave with a greater knowledge of the impact of resources on Alaska’s economy, families and future.  


ARE partners with several organizations to provide scholarship money and opportunities for students. 


Alaska Resource Education is on a mission to empower Alaskan girls to become the next generation of women leaders

Girl Scouts

The Natural Resource Path Patch Series is designed to help Alaska’s girl scouts learn more about their state’s resources and industries. 

STEM Camps

Fun, interactive lessons with hands-on activities and virtual games to teach rural students about Alaska's energy and natural resources.

Wind Turbines
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