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Mining in Alaska

Students will learn about current day mining processes, from exploration to reclamation, and what mining in Alaska looks like.

Birdseed Mining

Students will go "mining" in a container of birdseed with hidden beads, representing minerals of different values. They must make decisions about equipment, extraction, and reclamation techniques!

Mine a Pie/Mine a Cookie

Mine a plot of "land" and determine a profit or loss based on the choices. 

Pick a Permit

Find basic information about a variety of permits required for mining and simulate agencies devising rules and regulations for commercial use of a school resource.

Solving the Challenges of Mining

Learn about new mining projects proposed for Alaska and research to propose solutions to a challenge related to one of the proposed mines. 

Recycling Metals

Students conduct a study of metal recycling in their community and create a new or improved plan for recycling or a public awareness campaign. 

Mining Scavenger Hunt

Navigate to the Our Alaska portal and click on the “Mining” storyboard to learn about Mining in Alaska.

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