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Energy & Electricity

Students will learn about the concepts of energy and electricity, what sources of energy we have in Alaska, and how we can conserve energy.

Piles of Pictures

Categorize pictures of moving objects according to their source of motion.

Energy Detective

Look for energy by collecting "energy evidence" and then creating a definition of energy.

Energy on the Move

Research one of three energy transportation projects in Alaska and share findings through bulletin board displays or notebooks.

Energy Scavenger Hunt

Navigate to the Our Alaska portal and click on the “Energy” storyboard to learn about Energy & Electricity.

Energy Savers

Learn about saving money and energy by adding and subtracting.

The Sun's Energy

Read, discuss, play a game and make a concept map to demonstrate how most of our energy comes from the sun.

Sun’s Energy PowerPoint

Sun’s Energy PowerPoint

Simplified Concepts

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