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Sustaining Partners

Inventor $15,000+

Be a part of the biggest ideas and most ambitious projects. Inventors collaborate with ARE on new projects and expanding audiences. These donors are the backbone of what makes ARE a leader in resource education for Alaska’s students and teachers.

Marthon Petroleum.png
UCM Logo.png

Innovator $10,000+

The catalyst of ARE’s programming and day-to-day operations, innovators support improvements and change. They make sure programs expand every year and allow ARE to deliver our mission.

Alaska Airlines.png
Kinross Fort Knox Logo.png
Ambler Metals Logo 2.png

Inspirer $5,000+

Inspire students through education about the resources in their backyard. Inspirers enable ARE to go beyond outreach by fostering relationships with teachers to repeatedly bring curriculum to students.


Igniter $1,000

The spark that fuels the interest in ARE. Igniters are grounded on the belief that single spark can ignite an interest in young minds. They are the first step to reaching students either through Alaska Resource Kits or classroom visits.

Alaska Energy Authority 
Alison Kelley
Ambler Metals
Clayton Gooden
Coeur Alaska
Dave Karp
First National Bank of Alaska 
High Gold Mining
Laurence & Darlene Peterson
Lorna Shaw
Newmont Ventures Ltd.
Northrim Bank
Pebble Partnership
RLM Tech
VMC Resource Fund

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